But my guest wasn’t hungry.

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Every year, I ask the doctor to have me tested for diabetes.  It runs in my family, you see, and, as I’ve mentioned before, I have a large BMI.

It always comes back as negative. And I’d like to think that since I’ve memorised the warning signs, that I’d know if I was.

Taking that into account, I’ve always had an issue with low blood sugar.  My mother was well aware of it when I was a child/young adult, correctly informing me when I got particularly stroppy, grumpy and argumentative that my blood sugar was low and I needed to go have something to eat.

The hubby has learned this lesson well, too. He has been known to bring me food when he notices the signs, to prevent the yelling.

As for me, I don’t always know when my blood sugar drops. I *do* know, however, that when I finally have something to eat, it’s like my head clears. Or that a curtain of grey is lifted and suddenly everything is back in colour. It literally feels like someone has removed a grey cloud from my inner vision.

I was reminded of this today when I had a friend come by with her children to play. We fed the children lunch, but because my friend didn’t want any, I didn’t eat anything either.  Somehow I’ve got the idea in my head that if your guest doesn’t eat, you don’t eat either. Go figure.

I surreptitiously grabbed a bit of food here and there, but it clearly wasn’t enough to keep my blood sugar even. By the time they left at 2:30pm, I was in a horrible grumpy mood and my children took the brunt of it.  Good thing they’re used to it and ignored me.

Fortunately, I was well aware of what the issue was and I sat down and had a full lunch, even though it was very late.

My poor hubby called before I had something to eat though, and he got an earful. And tears. More than he bargained for, at any rate!!

Then my head cleared again, and now I feel much better. And determined to remember to keep my blood sugar even!!

What do you do when you have guests that don’t want to eat and you *need* something? Do you eat anyways, eat something on the sly, or wait?  And if you’ve been on the other end of that – the guest that doesn’t want to eat, how would you feel if your host excused themselves and explained they needed to eat something?


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7 responses to “But my guest wasn’t hungry.”

  1. LatteJunkie says :

    It’s hard, my friends are all skinny and then when I eat and they’re not I feel like that fat chick….

    But I know that if I don’t eat, it’s going to be bad for me and hubby and Monkey etc.

    My thought it “Eat and friends be damned!” 😀

  2. Aleta says :

    Most likely, I wouldn’t eat either. I feel funny eating when other people aren’t, like I’m being watched. Lol. But if it’s your blood sugar that you need to watch, I’d tell them about it and take care of yourself. That’s the most important thing.

  3. Blond Duck says :

    I eat anyway. People who know me know I don’t screw around when it comes to food. And if people I’m with want something I know I physically can’t stomach, I’ll simply go and get a small salad or not eat. It happens a lot.

  4. Amber says :

    I’d eat. I’d just say, “I’m sorry, my stomach is eating itself, I’m getting some food.”

  5. solodialogue says :

    Before the “diet” (I know it’s a 4 letter word – I have to watch my language) I probably would just skip it too – be grumpy and eat later and too much. Now, I eat no matter who’s eating or not because I’M HUNGRY!!! Truly, I understand how we want to be polite but even if you just grab an instant oatmeal or a banana, you will feel so much better. There is no way I could make a lunch for my little guy and not have something myself. Too much torture! And, if you do start eating, you might be surprised that your friends might feel more comfortable eating too! 🙂

  6. Jenn @ You know...that Blog? says :

    I’m with you, doll – I am the same way, and my kids are too. My wee one comes home from school (where she’s FAR too busy to eat her lunch or snacks) and she’s more often than not close to hysteria. We combat that with no words or actions other than: “Sit. Eat.” She’s right as rain within 5 minutes. I’m the same way, but like you, I forget to watch myself and that would account for the snarl that often escapes my face… *hugs*

  7. Blond Duck says :

    I hope you’re feeling better.

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