Snow in northern New Zealand? A once in 50 years event.

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This post is a bit random thought – ish. 🙂

First, remember that 3rd round of Jury Duty I got called up for?  Well, I was excused from Jury Duty next week – turns out, it WAS a mistake. In NZ, if you have served on a jury, you get 2 years exempt from being called.  Somehow I slipped through the cracks, TWICE! I asked if I could have 4 years then but apparently that was pushing my luck.

Second, remember this little boy? He’s now up at Auckland’s Starship hospital so they can sort out what’s going on. He seems to be having seizure-like spasms. Unfortunately, I might not be as wrong as I thought I was. Any good thoughts you have going in his direction would be greatly appreciated.

Third, my conference was… okay.  Much better than this one.  It was disorganised, didn’t run on time, and I got horribly sick from something in the hotel dinners, but I came away all happy and glad I went. Quite the improvement. Plus, I had THE most amazing Lemon Ginger muffin from this place.  Seriously, I thought I’d died and gone to  heaven it was so yummy. I want the recipe.  And my friend M drove me to Martha’s Backyard, which was nearly empty of food this time around but I still got a Ding Dong!! And Bottlecaps!!

Um, yes, it’s all about the food. Isn’t that what conferences are for?

Fourth, thank you for all the Happy Birthday wishes. It isn’t quite my birthday yet, though. 😉 We’ll have a party on my birthday, shall we? 🙂

Fifth, IT SNOWED. This is an absolutely huge deal in this part of New Zealand.  It does not snow much in the northern part of the North Island. Let’s put this in perspective. I have been here nearly 8 years and haven’t ever seen a snowflake during that time. My children think snow has the quality and texture of sand, because they’ve never felt it or played with it.

So on Monday afternoon, when the children & I were walking home from school, we saw  less than 10 snowflakes falling from the sky. They melted long before they hit the ground, and the only way we identified them was that, of course, they didn’t melt immediately when they hit my jacket. My children were amazed and filled with wonder. They haven’t yet stopped talking about it. That’s how huge this is.

I’m not saying it doesn’t snow in New Zealand. It does. Just not usually this far North. One of these days I really gotta take my snow-deprived children to Mt. Ruapehu!!


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5 responses to “Snow in northern New Zealand? A once in 50 years event.”

  1. Blond Duck says :

    Snow in SA is a 100 year event!

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