A quick reaction means My Boy is okay.

Footpath Avenue

Image by nomanson via Flickr

There we were, walking home from school. My Boy was a good 5-6 metres ahead of me, because, as you know, it’s not always cool to walk beside your Mum.

Part of our route home goes past the parking lot of a dairy/corner store. My Boy stopped at the edge of the footpath/sidewalk where the parking lot begins, checked for cars, and once he saw it was safe, started walking across.

He was about half-way across the footpath that was also the entry for the dairy when a car came speeding up the road and started turning into the dairy. The driver saw My Boy walking, HONKED (!!), and then SPED UP (!!!)  to enter the dairy parking lot.


My fast-thinking Boy had just enough time to jump backwards, out of the way of the car.

You’re darned right that when I got there the driver of the car (parking in a stall by the time I got there) got an earful from me.  I didn’t swear, though. My children were with me.

Two more seconds was all My Boy needed to get out of the entry of the dairy. Two more seconds.  And this driver wasn’t prepared to give him that.

Their response? Besides telling me (and my children) to F off repeatedly?

“I honked! He should’ve got out of the way!”

You want me to Mama Bear? Believe me, I can Mama Bear very well. They got a growling, loudly.

My Boy was scared, and thought about having a wee cry about it all, but when he sorted out that I wasn’t mad at him (he, after all, had done what he was supposed to do, and kept his wits around him well enough to get out of the way, quickly!!) he was fine.

I didn’t have the presence of mind to get their rego/license plate at the time, but luckily for me, once I had been reminded by some friends, when I went back, they were still there.

You bet I reported them, even though I have no idea what that will do. (I suspect nothing except make me feel like I had done something about it!!) I had a few words to the primary school principal, too, so that we could warn other parents about the dairy crossing. This was the scariest close call, but not the first, we’d seen there.

We’re going to be walking up and around by the dairy on our way home from school tonight, and not on the footpath. Hopefully we’ll be safer there.



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20 responses to “A quick reaction means My Boy is okay.”

  1. Michelle says :

    Aw no, that would have been so scary for you and your son 😦 So glad he’s ok, and that you gave the driver an earful, I would have done the same! x

  2. Karen V. says :

    You go mama! What in the world could that idiot have been thinking?!?! Glad you reported it and shared with the school. Some people are so thick headed. Hope there is a real consequence for such reckless behavior. It simply should not be left unpunished!!! Glad u and the boy are okay. Be careful though. People like that can be crazy.

    • Broot says :

      Yes, that’s why I didn’t file a police report – only a traffic complaint. The traffic complaint is kept anonymous. Downside of that is I won’t get a follow-up as to what happened when the driver was notified.

  3. Penny says :

    oh how awful, we had something similiar happen lately (near drowning in swimming lesson!) but I stayed quite shocked all day, had a sick feeling in my stomach as the “near miss” of it.

  4. Jenny@PracticallyPerfect says :

    Oh my word, that’s awful! What a horrible driver! There’s only one kind of person who speeds up when they see a little kid walking. Hopefully the police issued him a citation of some kind, or at least put it on his record. Glad that everyone is OK!

  5. Blond Duck says :

    Somebody tried to run over me and my Chihuahuas the other day. They honked and nearly careened into us–going 50 mph through a neighborhood at 7 at night!

  6. Kristen @ Motherese says :

    What a scary situation for you and your son. I’m so glad that he was okay. Cars and traffic scare me more than anything else as a parent (and as a pedestrian and a driver, for that matter). It seems like getting behind the wheel can make some of the nicest people into nasty aggressors.

    I love your term “Mama Bear, by the way. The perfect description for the feeling you describe.

    • Broot says :

      Heh I can’t claim ownership of “Mama Bear” I’ve seen it in other places in the blogosphere. 🙂 I agree. I don’t understand that mentality myself.

  7. Jenn @ You know...that Blog? says :

    Still makes me angry even a day later – glad you reported him.

  8. debunkingthemyth says :

    I get the same thing happening… Mine nearly got run over by a dumbass in the local grocery store and I got a dirty look when I commented and asked her if she drove like that too, and to warn me when she got in her car because I wanted to be safely off any road. If this kind of thing continues; I’m going to end up in jail for pounding the living crap outta some asshole that desperately deserves a re-alignment. I HATE this ‘me first’ environment that is being cultivated in society. Run over my toddler? Hope you have life insurance!

  9. eof737 says :

    Thank God your son had his wits about him and stepped back… I am still flabbergasted that those creeps SPED UP!!! You should have called the police right away as they were probably high on something. Ugh!
    Thankfully all is well…. but something ought to be done about that crossing if it is a danger zone….

  10. Rach @ This Italian Family says :

    Oh my goodness, that must have been terrifying. I can’t even begin to imagine what that was like. You can believe they would’ve gotten an earful from me as well and I don’t even have kids of my own!

  11. Robin says :

    One of my biggest peeves is how people drive. To make it all the more so is how those who drive so thoughtlessly, so recklessly, are ignorant, in denial and / or indifferent to their own crappy driving. Drivers like this are so very selfish. I’m glad you acted on it and happy your son was not hurt.
    Gee….this sort of thing just ticks me off.

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