Just don’t mention chicken.


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Tummy bugs are a fact of life when you have small children.

Even if you catch a completely different bug than your children at the same time.

I caught a really gross tummy bug while I was working at a Playcentre.  Its effects hit me last Friday night, extremely suddenly and without warning.  I figured I had food poisoning from some sushi I had eaten earlier that day. But later, I found out that everyone that had attended the same Thursday session I did was also out with the same bug. Yuck.

And then, early Saturday morning, (12:30am to be exact) I heard a noise. And thought “It sounds like I left a tap on!” But nope. That was just The Boy’s tummy bug surprising him, too.  He caught his from his classmates, who were all out with the same bug.

I was useless for 4 days, except for Sunday, when I decided that I had to disinfect the whole house (including doorknobs and the washing machine) so that no one else in the family would get the bug. Then spent two more days in bed, whimpering. The Boy didn’t come right until Thursday.

I gotta say one thing for catching one of these bugs – it helps you lose weight really quickly. I lost nearly 3 kg in only 2 days. Probably because I could eat nothing. I couldn’t even look at food on the television or in a recipe without gagging.

Even now, a week later, I cannot stand the sight of cooked chicken (not even a chicken recipe!) So, please, keep your chicken to yourself.



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3 responses to “Just don’t mention chicken.”

  1. Karen V says :

    Isn’t it strange how out bodies protect us by refusing certain things when we are weak? Gross for sure! So sorry you both had to go thru it! Lots of water, my dear. Hope you are both feeling 100% very soon!! (I cannot eat a Butterfinger candy bar since I was 9 years old and got sick shortly after eating one!)

  2. Lizbeth says :

    I hope you guys get better soon. There is nothing worse that one of those bugs!

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