New pictures of the moon landing


Image by penguinbush via Flickr

My household is still feeling the effects of the last of the winter bugs. Conjunctivitis, some weird fever thingy, and general tummy yuckiness abounds.

But I found this interesting video about new (clearer) pictures of the moon that shows that they actually were there.

Maybe they’re photoshopped, maybe not. But they look cool regardless.

Have a look.


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4 responses to “New pictures of the moon landing”

  1. Simone @Greatfun4kids says :

    Haha! that’s great.
    My sister and her husband are CONVINCED the moon landing was a hoax and indoctrinated my nephew with that theory from an early age… Me? I’ve always been a simple Moon landing is True Believer… glad to be proved RIGHT!

  2. cailen says :

    cool pictures and thanks for stopping by my SITS feature today! i appreciate the support


  3. why'd i come in here? (kbean123) says :

    Kinda like my stretch marks….proof that the kids living in my house are mine. 🙂

  4. solodialogue says :

    Absolutely love stories about the moon! Thanks for sharing – very cool tracks! 🙂

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