My very own cake wreck

It’s just so  horrible it deserves a post all of its own.

I was trying to make one of these:

Image via Flickr: Signature SugarArt (Creative Commons license)

Ok, not that fancy.  Just one yellow brick.

But you know, I’m really not one for detail, plus, I’m fighting some kind of bug off again (you know, the sore throat, achy muscles, always tired kind). And I didn’t do what I originally intended to do because The Boy made last minute changes.

I intended to make a white or yellow cake.  The Boy insisted on chocolate.

I intended to use fondant.  The boy insisted on buttercream. (“I don’t like that smooth icing, mum!)

I intended to make the cake myself.  The boy wanted a boxed cake mix.

So, what he got was this:

My sad yellow lego brick cake.

I know, you’re thinking “okay, so it’s not smooth like fondant but other than that, it looks fine.”

Oh yeah? Well that’s cuz you’re looking at it from the top down.

I ran out of icing.


Fortunately, I don’t think The Boy will mind so much.  There’s enough icing on there (chocolate and yellow) to keep him happy.

But it’s definitely not my best work. The Captain Underpants cake was way better.


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8 responses to “My very own cake wreck”

  1. susan says :

    well it’s a brae woman that even tries to replicate a cake like that other one..and with yellow icing no less, the scourge of bakers I reckon. Looks good enough to eat to me:)

    • Broot says :

      Why is yellow the scourge of bakers? The boy insisted that the cake be yellow. I used gel colouring though so didn’t need too much of it. 🙂 I’m very sure it is edible, thank goodness!

  2. solodialogue says :

    All cake (and frosting) is good. Yummy! You are a FABULOUS mommy! xo

  3. ElizOF says :

    Oh, you did the best you could and you know… it’s the thought and effort that counts… I think if you spread the icing with a knife, you have enough to cover the cake… looks delish! 🙂

  4. anitajd says :

    Help me, help me!! I was so inspired when I first saw your blog post that when Little Guy’s Bday rolled around I would make him a LEGO brick cake like yours (no fondant here either). I hate to bake. I am a terrible baker. My lego brick/cake is green, because green is LIttle Guy’s favorite color. But my BIG question is… did you get the little buttons done on the top of the cake?!? WHat are they?!?! Help….his birthday is tomorrow!! (I will post a picture on my own blog when done!….unless of course it ends up in the rubbish bin….but luckily little kids only see beauty in “Mom’s Masterpieces”) Thank you!

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