Lego Party

I promised pictures. Here they are!!

The invitations:  We found a printout of a legohead online, printed it out and used it as a template on yellow card to make these. Then The Boy drew the faces on.

At the party, we first held a building competition. We bought 1 car for each child, then drew numbers out of a hat so each child got a random one. They got to keep the cars.  After that, we guessed how many lego pieces were in the glass.  Correct answer? 63. Closest answer? 44.

Then, using the cars the children had just built, we held races!!  This was extremely popular.

When that (finally) got boring, we threw water balloons at two little legomen in the carport, trying to knock them over.

Then we had cake and opened presents.  You can see the cake here. Then each child went home in a goodie bag (that I made myself!!)

It seemed to be a success.  Everybody went home  happy and tired!! And the Birthday boy is happy, too.


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4 responses to “Lego Party”

  1. solodialogue says :

    The faces he drew are adorable! Sounds like the party was a big hit! Hope he had a wonderful birthday! Now it’s time for mom to find a way to relax….

  2. anitajd says :

    I LOVE IT!!!!! Very creative!!! I think my 10 yr olds would be told old for this….but what a great idea for my 6 yr old’s next Bday party….and this would work great because he’s a winter baby (Feb) and I never have good ideas for his parties!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

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