Melbourne Efficiency

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I’ve been in Melbourne, Australia!!  The hubby had a conference there and I decided to tag along for a lark. Didn’t hurt that the trip coincided with our wedding anniversary.

I was quite impressed by the city.  From taxi ranks at the airport (which means that everything is fair for both travellers and taxi drivers) to free city buses, to free city trams, and other efficiencies of the city, hubby and I found it extremely easy to get around, and there wasn’t any time that we didn’t feel safe.

Even the street beggars were extremely polite, apologising for disturbing us after we shook our heads, no, we had no spare change.

So my next few posts will be about certain aspects of our trip.

But for starters, I gotta say one thing – I was walking up Collins St in Melbourne and up ahead of me I can see this guy with a crowd around him, and he’s signing their t-shirts with a felt pen. At first, I was thinking “what’s going on?” and then I looked closer as the guy (and his imprompu entourage) walked by.  “OMG that’s ALICE COOPER!! I’m walking PAST ALICE COOPER!!  I just totally walked by ALICE COOPER close enough to touch him!!  Where’s my camera? Oh sh*t he’s gone!”

Yeah, I know. Pics or it didn’t happen. I just didn’t think fast enough on my feet. But it totally DID happen. Alice Cooper was in Melbourne for a concert.

Hubby was super-cross that happened while he was at his conference. “Did you at least say ‘WE’RE NOT WORTHY!!’ to him?”  he demanded.  I could do nothing but shrug.  If I couldn’t think fast enough to pull out a pen for him to sign my shirt or to take a picture, I definitely wasn’t gonna think of that!!


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2 responses to “Melbourne Efficiency”

  1. solodialogue says :

    Aha! So that’s where you’ve been… Alice Cooper?! Camera would’ve been nice. I hate how we think of those things after the moments pass. Glad you are back! Hoping to see whatever photos you did actually capture on that camera. 🙂

  2. Lizbeth says :

    My sister lives north of Melbourne and loves it! I hope you are enjoying your stay!

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