Excuse me, but where do you shop for clothes?

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Two whole days to myself. That’s what I had at the beginning of our trip to Melbourne. The hubby was at a work conference, you see, so I had to entertain myself.

Well, I knew exactly what to do.  Everyone kept telling me that Australia was a shopping mecca, and apparently there was excellent shopping to be had in Melbourne.  So that’s what I set out to do. I needed some clothes, and by gosh, I was gonna find some.

I started out by just wandering, getting my bearings.  I found lots of boutique stores that just don’t cater to my plus-sized frame.  So down I went to the Visitors Information Centre.  They had pamphlets dedicated to shopping.  Fantastic.  So off I went again.

I went down all the major shopping streets.  I went into the malls. I went to Docklands. I went to Big W and to Target.  I went to Myers and I went to David Jones.  And I kept wondering to myself… where are all the plus-sized clothes?  To be sure, I was finding (small!!) sections with some plus-sized clothes, but no more and no better quality or price than what I get in New Zealand.  Where was the amazing stuff I was promised?

I admit, I became a bit obsessed.  I started to seriously people-watch.  That’s when I realised I was the fattest person on the streets of Melbourne. Plus-sized divas were few and far between.  I could count them on my two hands.

And then I got an idea! I would approach my fellow plus-sized shoppers and ask “Excuse me, can you tell me where you shop for clothes?”

Oh I was tempted. I nearly did.  But before I did, I considered how I would feel if someone approached me with the same question.  And then I chickened out, and I didn’t do it. I was too scared by what I suspected would be the response.


All I have to show for my two days of clothes shopping?  A tank top and a pair of shorts. From Target. On sale for $32 AUD.  Yeah. That didn’t work out so well.

Have you been shopping in Melbourne? Are you plus-sized?  How would you have felt if a plus-sized foreigner approached you with that question?  And where did you shop for clothes?


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9 responses to “Excuse me, but where do you shop for clothes?”

  1. susan says :

    Not melbourne. no longer plus sized. but would be completely flattered by being asked such a question no matter what my size.
    and to share a secret…the fabulous upcycle/recycle shops here..three of them…supply most of my clothes. supplemented by postie, TradeMe and the opshop at Raglan…

  2. Megan (Best of Fates) says :

    I second Susan – I would probably mistakenly believe you were asking out of awe of my sense of style! Which, as I have none, would be unlikely, but it’s still what I would think!

  3. solodialogue says :

    I’m with Susan! Who cares what size you are? If someone is asking you where you shop for clothes, it means they LIKE your clothes! And that is always a compliment. I’m not really shopping for clothes these days given my weight loss trek (22.2 lbs so far- yay!) and I have no idea what’s available where you are but you needn’t shop for clothes while on holiday – why not just go on the internet? You are in the privacy of your own home and if something doesn’t fit you can just send it back. You don’t have to look for your size or try stuff on in a crapped little corner. Give it a try… 🙂

    • Broot says :

      I do buy a lot of my clothes on the internet at the moment, actually. ezibuy.co.nz has a lot of plus sized decent stuff. It was just the whole thing of being told there was such good, cheap stuff in Melbourne that had my hopes up!!

  4. embejo says :

    I don’t know the statistics, but I think there just might be more plus sized people here in NZ. My opinion might be a little skewed given that I live in South Auckland, but here are certainly larger people among the Maori and Pacific Islander populations (sadly because they have a dramatic disparity in health status compared to NZ Europeans)

    Also, I think the clothes sizes at the Warehouse are generous…the size I buy here at the Warehouse for example is more generous than something similar at Target.

  5. ElizOF says :

    Pity you didn’t follow your gut as it was a brilliant idea to ask… You could have prefaced it with the line, “I’m new to the area and love what you’re wearing.” I wish you had asked. I do all the time when I see someone wearing something I like… 🙂

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