Entitlement? None here.

The media insists that the Occupy movement people feel they’re entitled to something.

I think the media is trying to pull the wool over people’s eyes.

Case in point – my friend Jenn.  In her own words:

Last week I was rejected for a contract position as a Technical Marketer because I was too technical and do not have enough experience in marketing. Today I was rejected for a technical writing contract position at the same company because I’m not technical enough. Insult, meet injury. Salt, meet wound. I mean, really?

I’ve gone back to school to remedy my lack of a degree. I apply for everything that the Unemployment Insurance people deem suitable. I follow all their rules and recommendations. I apply for work at my dentist, places my children go to play, and places that pay less than my unemployment checks give me, because I just want to work.

She’s doing her darndest. And it’s not working. And Unemployment insurance does not last forever.

It’s people like Jenn who are occupying. But Jenn’s not one of them. She’s just looking for work in Seattle.  Can you help her out?

Find her blog and contact details here.


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6 responses to “Entitlement? None here.”

  1. April says :

    My husband has been out of work now for nearly 7 months, so I understand a lot of what your friend is going through. My husband spends all day long on the computer looking and applying for jobs, but nothing has opened up for him as of yet. It’s been the most stressful and frustrating time I think we’ve ever gone through. I’m visiting from SITS, by the way! Hope your friend has some good news very soon!

  2. Blond Duck says :

    Poor thing. It’s the same thing here–you’re either overqualified or under qualified.

  3. Blond Duck says :

    I liked Footloose a lot, but I never saw the original.

  4. Katie says :

    I came across your blog on SITS. I’ve had the same thing happen to me — out of work and not getting hired because you’re “over qualified” is incredibly frustrating, especially when one is willing to take a cut in pay just to be able to work in one’s field. Positives thoughts to your friend and good luck to her.

  5. Cheryl says :

    It’s so frustrating! My husband was out of work for over a year. He went back to school on a program through EDD to better his skills. He was so good, they hired him to teach when he was done with the classes. He’s been teaching for about 8 months now and it’s great! I hope your friend finds something soon!

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