One size does not fit all, Coca-cola!


Coca-cola airs this commerical in New Zealand.  For Christmas.  When it is nearly 30C (90F) outside, we’re all in t-shirts and shorts, and we’re hanging out by the pool.  It doesn’t get dark until after 9pm.

Seriously, that’s either arrogance or ignorance on their part. Either way, it’s not a good look.


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6 responses to “One size does not fit all, Coca-cola!”

  1. Michelle says :

    I love it when I see this ad come on, but I agree with you, I wish they would make a special one that reflects a New Zealand Christmas!

  2. solodialogue says :

    It does leave the perspective of who cares if Christmas is summer for you – in it’s wake doesn’t it? Rude… I’m a Pepsi girl, anyway. Are they any better? 😉

  3. Kristy says :

    My students were concerned by what they saw as a disregard for the unique cultures of different places around the world. They had some very interesting things to say. Thanks for the inspiration for a ‘real’ lesson in letter/persuasive writing.

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