I need home for a rest

How does that song go? “You’ll have to excuse me, I’m not at my best…”  except I definitely haven’t been drunk for a week.  I am home for a rest.

My Girl brought home another cold to end the school year. Unfortunately she shared.  So last Friday suddenly I was achy and sore. All I did was sleep and take paracetemol at regular intervals.  The children were wonderful.  They informed me that I did indeed have a fever (hand on forehead “Mum, you are definitely hot. You have a fever. Should I get the beepy thing(thermometer)?” and brought me a light blanket for when I started to shiver.

Friday night the paracetemol barely touched my fever and by Saturday morning, I was a wreck.  There was a problem, though.  I had two functions to attend. One we had paid good money for, and one that was just special.

Special? Yes, special.  Of the kind you don’t miss.

Life membership can be conferred on any individual whom the Association or Centre wishes to honour for contributing substantially to the Association or Centre over a period of time. It is intended to be a rare and special honour. It is conferred on an individual who has taken on numerous and varied roles and tasks for many years in a voluntary capacity.

Apparently, my centre thinks that’s me. Because Saturday morning, despite me feeling drastically horrible, they honoured me with a Life Membership.  They asked for a speech and a waiata (song) but my throat hurt so badly that I only gave them an inadequate, short speech.

Then we went to the activity we had paid for, hoping that my pain killers would last the whole time. They did, but only just.

We came home just before dinnertime, and I was feeling absolutely wretched.  It occurred to me that my sore throat was getting worse, not better. So I got out a torch (flashlight) and had a look.

Yikes. One look was all I needed. So I hightailed it to the after-hours care doctor (not A&E/Emergency) and showed the doctor what I had seen.  He was so impressed he sent me home with more paracetemol and a full round of antibiotics.

So I’m feeling much better now.  And disappointed that I was so sick for such an important moment. Fortunately, my centre was very understanding. Even still, special events like that come around but rarely, so I’m a bit sad.


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7 responses to “I need home for a rest”

  1. susan says :

    yep it is so sad to have missed the occasion being marked…but know this…to be a life member is for life and it is true that to be acknowledged as such you are one special person!

  2. Blond Duck says :

    What a shame! At least you got to go though.

  3. Karen V says :

    Oh those stinky illnesses!! Congrats on the life membership!! I’m so glad you received it – from what I know they are lucky to have you!!! Perhaps with the next honor ceremony, you can sing to make up for this one. 🙂

  4. Jenn @ You know...that Blog? says :

    Awww 😦 Sorry you were sick for it, but how great that they chose to acknowledge you in such a wonderful manner!! What an honour! Of course, everyone knows how fabulous you are, but it is nice to be put on a pedestal once in a while, isn’t it??


  5. Lizbeth says :

    That stinks you were sick but I hope the antibiotics have helped. Congrats on such an honor!!!

  6. ElizOF says :

    Hope everyone recovers soon… Dealing with the same thing on my end. Ugh! 😦

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