And a beer! … in a tree.

Today I’m sharing my children’s favourite singing carol.  (Although Gaudete comes a close 2nd and they love the Muppets version of Carol of the Bells. They’re not as impressed with the Sussex Carol.)

Their favourite version of the Twelve Days of Christmas  is naturally the Muppets with John Denver (ba da da DAH!)

But if you’re Canadian like me, then Christmas isn’t complete without the Bob & Doug version.


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3 responses to “And a beer! … in a tree.”

  1. solodialogue says :

    I forgot all about Bob and Doug! Wow, way to make me feel old. Lol! Tootles liked the Muppets (although he’s not really familiar with them – I will have to work to remedy that!) 🙂

  2. TheFoodnatic says :

    OH my GOSH…my sibs and I LOVE the John Denver & Muppets Christmas Album. I listen to it every year!!

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