It’s my SITS day!! Yay!!

Welcome to the blog that is lost in a sea of blogs!!  It’s my SITS day!! A SITS day is when I get to be the featured blogger on The Secret to Success is Support website.  We are a group of 10,000 women bloggers dedicated to supporting one another by leaving comments. Lots and lots of comments. We’d love to have you join us!

I’m Broot, and you’re right, that’s not my real name.  I try to keep some semblance of anonymity around here, to protect my children’s privacy. I have two children; The Boy (the elder) and The Girl (the younger).  Why Broot?  It’s a nickname I earned during the 20+ years I’ve been with Hubby. We’re all Canadian New Zealanders. Dual Citizenship, and all that.  We moved here from Vancouver, Canada, about 8 years ago, after The Boy was born.

This blog is about things I’ve learned and things that have given me a new or different perspective on things I see in my everyday life.  Sometimes I talk about Playcentre, where I help educate parents to be the best first educators of their children. Sometimes I talk about stuff that has happened in my neighbourhood or while I’ve been out and about.  And sometimes I just post what I’m thinking about.

Like what, you say?

Well, at one point I tried to answer some common questions I get about how I see colour when I read text. Another day I discussed why Common Knowledge sometimes Isn’t. I’m hoping I deftly sidestepped controversy in my post about pendulum swings. You could also check out my post that was mentioned on the BlogHer Facebook page – my discovery about Primary School Math.

But today isn’t just special because it’s my SITS day.  It’s also Hubby’s birthday, AND it’s my 200th post!!  Celebrations abound!

I hope you enjoy your visit! I’m happy to see you all today!

Me and the Children


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About Broot

Thoughts about learning and life that are lost in a sea of blogs.

152 responses to “It’s my SITS day!! Yay!!”

  1. susan says :

    happy new year Broot:)
    Love those blogging communities…it’s great to feel like you’re part of something bigger eh?
    keep up the good work

  2. Lattejunkie says :

    Oh Em Gee!! You’re an official SITS!!! This is epic! Well done you!

  3. Kavuli says :

    Happy SITS Day!!!! Lovely family 🙂

  4. Donna says :

    Well done! I’m so proud of you. 🙂

  5. leahmariev says :

    Congrats all around! Happy SITS day and 200th post! What an accomplishment!

  6. ItsFitting (@ItsAFitting) says :

    Happy SITS Day! Super jealous 🙂 And excited to read more!! Tell your hubby happy birthday from the internet

  7. LisaDay says :

    Happy SITS day. Happy Birthday to the Hubby. And Happy 200th post. Let there be chocolate.


  8. Karen@WaistingTime says :

    I just read a book with the main character seeing color with text. My teen has a friend who sees color with sound. Her mom has the same.

  9. Alethea says :

    Oh, it’s just beautiful! What a wonderful place to live.

  10. solodialogue says :

    Yay! How exciting! I had no idea you were chosen for this honor! Happy SITS day! I love all the posts you’ve mentioned. Each one was one of my favorites too! Congrats! 🙂

  11. Amber says :

    Happy SITS Day to you!!!

    And I hope your husband has a great birthday!

  12. Christa aka the BabbyMama says :

    Congrats on your SITS Day! Wishing you lots of love, tons of comments, and a great new year!

  13. April says :

    Happy SITS Day…enjoy your moment of glory!

  14. Joanne says :

    Congrats! Just followed you on Twitter.

  15. Leslie says :

    Happy SITS Day! What an amazing journey you must have had moving from Canada to New Zealand! I can’t wait to read more!

  16. Jacki (@theravensspell) says :

    Congratulations! Have a wonderful SITS DAY!

  17. Brittany says :

    Congrats on your SITS day! 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful day.

  18. C @ Kid Things says :

    Happy SITS day! Sounds like a great day all around!

  19. Tina Saib says :

    Have a wonderful SITS day! I would love to visit NZ one of these days!

  20. Sharm's Outlet says :

    Hey Broot Congrats and ENJOY THE LOVE…

  21. Lizbeth says :

    OMG, YAY,YAY,YAY!!!!!

  22. Abigail @ Lovin' Our Chaos says :

    Yay for SITS day, congratulations on your 200th post and Happy birthday to your husband!

  23. Semper Wifey says :

    Happy SITS day!!! 🙂

  24. hotpants™ says :

    Hope you enjoy your day! Sounds like you should be throwing a party! 🙂

  25. Sweet Trinity says :

    Have a wonderful SITS day! 😉

  26. Missy | Literal Mom says :

    Happy SITS day! Hope you have a great day. I just “liked” you on FB!

  27. Elizabeth says :

    Happy New Year and SITS Day!

    I remember reading your BlogHer post about Primary School Math. It was great. Looking forward to reading more posts on your blog.

  28. Diane@BeStillaMinute says :

    Happy SITS Day! 🙂 Today is my hubby’s birthday too!

  29. Sela Toki says :

    Double Yay for you SITS day. I put down Iorana at the SITS sight mistakenly thinking it’s Maori but it’s “KIORA” isn’t it? LOL. Well have a fabulous SITS day Broot. Love your blog and always love what SITS is doing, crossing our paths with so many wonderful, amazing people like you.

  30. Amanda says :

    Congrats on your day!

  31. Martine De Luna (@Dainty_Mom) says :

    Hello, from the SITS-erhood! Congratulations on your SITS day, Broot. I loved New Zealand when I first visited years ago, before it became Lord of the Rings territory. Such a lovely country!

  32. Ms. M says :

    Happy Sits Day fellow Canuck!!!

  33. Tricia Adams says :

    Congrats on being featured!

  34. jenn says :

    Happy SITS day:)

  35. Teresa - Embracing the Spectrum says :

    Happy SITS Day! What a beautiful blog!

  36. Allison says :

    Happy New Years and SITS Day!

  37. Jocelyn @ ScooterMarie says :

    Hi and Happy SITS Day!! So good to find your blog!

  38. No Drama Mama says :

    Happy SITS Day! I’ve never read a New Zealand blog, so this should be fun. I’m always interested in discovering a new perspective (haha! bad pun intended).

  39. Bibi says :

    Hope you are having a fantastic SITS Day and very happy birthday to your hubby from a fellow Canuck.

    My hubby is born and raised Vancouver boy, but unlike you we moved 10 years ago to the Okanagan instead of New Zealand…..pretty much the same, don’t you think? I didn’t think so,lol.

    Have a fabulous weekend!

    • Broot says :

      Well, I’ve been to the Okanagan and actually, I think it is pretty similar. Figure this: You went from lots of rain (Vancouver) to lots of sun (Okanagan); there’s an abundance of fruit in the Okanagan, and you can actually swim in your lake. Plus I bet you can see the stars at night. 🙂 Thanks!!

  40. Jamie says :

    Congrats on your SITS day!! Thanks for sharing your blog today!! Have a good weekend!

  41. Craftwhack says :

    Your header photo makes me drool. Happy Sits Day!

  42. OneMommy says :

    Happy SITS day! What a terrific day of celebration: hubby’s, SITS day, 200th post… I hope you have a wonderful day of celebrating!

  43. Niki at myscandinavianhome says :

    What a fantastic place to live! Congratulations on an inspiring blog! 🙂

  44. Simone @Greatfun4kids says :

    Ahhh finally it’s your turn Broot!!!
    yay for you!!
    luv from Simoney
    (always a fan)

  45. Sara says :

    Congrats on your SITS day. I’m digging the photo you use for your banner.

  46. Brenna @ Almost All The Truth says :

    Happy SITS Day! And congrats on your 200th post! I was fascinated reading your synesthesia post. My husband has wondered if our 5yo has it, but the jury is still out on that. Hope you have a great day for your hubby’s bday!

    • Broot says :

      Hi Brenna! Key thing about synesthesia is that the sensation/colour is always the same, and never changes. If you document your 5yo’s colours now and then check them again when they’re six, that should tell you!! 🙂 Thank you!

  47. Deanna says :

    Wow! What a great day…SITS, birthdays, and your 200th post! You must do something special to celebrate. Congrats and all the best on this journey.

  48. jamiegall1930 says :

    Happy SITS Day!

    1) I like you already.
    2) Canadians rock.
    3) The fact that you are now a KIWI rocks even more.
    4) The combination together deems interesting.

    In other words, you’ve intrigued me =) I look forward to reading more.

  49. Amanda says :

    Happy SITS day! Hope it’s been wonderful!

  50. Keirstin says :

    Happy SITS Day! I can’t wait to continue reading your other posts! 😀

  51. Jamie says :

    Happy Sits Day! I’m about to go explore your blog! It looks really clean and easy to read…I expect to make myself every comfortable over here!!!

  52. Shannon Pruitt from 'Mynewfavoriteday' says :

    Happy SITS day Broot! Happy Bday to your hubby and happy 200th post! Lots of happys to you. I love your nickname and the photo of you with your minis. Very much looking forward to reading your blog and am very interested in learning more about your teachings as parents being the first educators of their children.

    I hope today is amazing for you! Happy New Year.

  53. Tia Sparkles Singh says :

    Congrats! Just found the SITS site today, randomly on twitter. And get this, I lived in Queenstown AND Vancouver! Totally get the dual love 🙂 Here’s to
    an epic 2012 for you!

    • Broot says :

      Ah then you know all about it!! Although I haven’t been to Queenstown yet. Hubby wants to go because they do the Winter Festival and Ice Hockey there! 🙂

  54. Jenn @ You know...that Blog? says :

    I thought it was “Secret’s In The Sauce” 😉 Congrats on your feature and 200th post, my friend! Happy Birthday to your hubby!

  55. Eva Gallant says :

    Congrats on your SITS day! Enjoy the limelight! What a beautiful banner photo!

  56. Jewel says :

    I know I’m late, but it’s quite the story of my life. Congrats!!

  57. Rachel Cotterill says :

    Happy SITS day! 🙂 I love Canada, and my husband tells me I’ll love NZ (we’re hoping to visit next year), so I’m interested to see what you have to say about them both!

  58. Positively Alene says :

    Happy SITS day. Love your bloggy world, as well as Canada! Blessings friend. Enjoy the moment.

  59. Anna & Selena says :

    Wow….lots of things to celebrate!! Hope you had a great SITS day…I’m a little late getting here but better late than never.

  60. Rebekah C says :

    Congrats on your SITS day! You have a beautiful blog and I really enjoyed reading your highlighted posts.

  61. Taylor @ Goings on in Texas... says :

    Congrats on your SITS Day!! Happy New Year to you and your family!!

  62. Callie says :

    Congrats! I had no idea what SITS was asides from what I’m doing at the ‘outer right now, but I’ll check out that link! I think Broot is such a funky nickname btw! 😀

  63. cthomas04 says :

    Happy SITS day! And congrats on your 200th post! And happy birthday to your hubby!

  64. Ronni says :

    Happy SITs Day to you. My husband has synesthesia. I think it’s cool. It’s faded in him though. It’s more prevalent for him in the fall and winter.

    • Broot says :

      What kind of synesthesia does he have? That’s interesting it’s more prevalent when it’s colder outside. I’ve never thought to pay attention to when it’s stronger or more obvious.

  65. Just Jennifer says :

    Very nice to meet you, Broot! I followed you on Twitter and liked your Facebook page 🙂

  66. Margaret Almon says :

    Happy Belated SITS Day! Awesome to meet a synesthete!

  67. Whitney says :

    Congrats!!!! Great job!

  68. csroth3 says :

    Lovely to hear from someone ‘Down Under’. Happy SITS day. My hubby is from AU but we live in the USA, however my brother-in-law is Canadian and lives in AU with my hubby’s sister. We are longing to visit New Zealand and all our relatives in AU. Cheryl

  69. eof737 says :

    Congratulations and Happy SITS Day to you! Well earned. 🙂

  70. c.c. says :

    happy belated sitsday!

  71. notesofjubilee says :

    Hello! I just signed up for SITS and you are my first blog visit through them. Happy SITS day. I hope it was a great one for you.

  72. MARIE COLE says :

    I am late, sooo sorry….Happy SITS day, happy birthday to your hubs and congrates on your 200th blog post too, which I am sure you have surpassed by now. 😉

  73. misssrobin says :

    Congratulations on your SITS day. I hope it was a great day for you.

    I lost you a while ago. I’m glad SITS helped me find my way back.

  74. latoy says :

    I am sooo late, Happy Belated Sits Day!

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