Grrrrrrr hotmail!!!!

I have had a hotmail account for a very very long time.  I’m sure I was one of the first ones to get a hotmail address, because my email account had no numbers or funny letters or anything in it – I put in, and got, my preferred username without any trouble at all.

Throughout the years, I’ve used that email whenever I suspected I’d get a lot of spam from signing up for something, or when I wanted to do something anonymously.  Until today, it was even attached to my Facebook account.

Until today.

During the last few years, I only actually accessed my hotmail account to check my junk email folder.  You know how it is.  Sometimes legitimate stuff lands in there.  Otherwise all my emails were forwarded, so I wasn’t in there daily, if at all.

And during the last year or so, in order to actually *access* the account, I’d have to go through a song and dance.  Enter password. Be rejected.  Reset password to exact same password. Resign in. Accepted. Do what needs to be done. Not sure why I put up with it, tell you the truth. But I did.

Today I attempted to do the usual song and dance.  But this time, same password wasn’t accepted.  I tried one more time and of course, got locked out.

Windows Live is very helpful to us international types when this happens.  (Sarcasm!!) They can’t send me an SMS because my mobile provider is not recognised by them.  So their help centre (helpfully!) says “Click here to contact the support team to have your account reinstated.”

Guess what happens if you click the link. Go on! Guess!!

I clicked it, and collapsed into maniacal laughter. Hubby was about to commit me.

“Please sign in to access the support help desk.”

[Pause for a moment while I knock the last straw off the camel’s back.]

I spent the rest of the night changing all the accounts I could from my hotmail account to another email account.  Except for the ones where the change notification went into my hotmail junk folder, of course. I’ll have to wait until I’m allowed to access my hotmail account again before I can change those.

Too bad they won’t even notice I’m gone.

Do you still have a hotmail account, if you ever had one?

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14 responses to “Grrrrrrr hotmail!!!!”

  1. April says :

    I’m visiting from SITS! I’ve never had a hotmail acct., but I do understand you frustration about being locked out of your acct. That has happened to me several times and it doesn’t make me a happy camper. Have a good one!

  2. Blond Duck says :

    I’d be annoyed too!

  3. Jocelyn (@_ScooterMarie) says :

    Ugh, what a pain! I do still have a hotmail account, and have for probably 11 years now I guess? Thankfully I’ve never had the problem you just encountered with getting locked out, but I do still use it daily. I hear it’s pretty much the dinosaur of emails though, so I’ve thought about having everything forwarded to gmail. But I have SO many things registered to my hotmail address that it kind of makes my head hurt when I think about doing the overhaul!

  4. jamiegall1930 says :

    *grins smirkishly* I still, to this day, utilize a hotmail account. It’s what I’ve come to love and know.

  5. Jenny@PracticallyPerfect says :

    Oh no, I’m so sorry 😦 I have a hotmail account but only for junk. What a rotten deal!

  6. solodialogue says :

    I’ve been locked out but only because I’ve forgotten my password. Weird how it locks you out of the correct password! I missed the hotmail train – never had one unless you consider a “hotmail” but I digress.

    In this digital age – I know that “login” for help thing! Ridiculous!! You think they’d have figured that out by now. My problem is similar. If I can’t get internet access, to get help – yes – contact them by internet… smh…

    • Broot says :

      It’s very silly. And I don’t get the lockout thing, either, unless it has something to do with my keyboard not liking my password or something. Anyways, I’m almost out of it.

  7. Sara says :

    Oh hotmail. You used to be the coolest! Now, you suck.

    Seriously. I only use my hotmail now to get into messenger. I also send my junk mail there. You should upgrade to a yahoo or gmail because those are supported by phones.

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