Everything looks okay, but it’s not.

The beach looks okay.

Just the same as it ever was.

It's a lovely walk around the sleeping volcano.

Looks beautiful. But there's a problem.

The beach is not the same. It's a health hazard. We must use caution.

The warrior couldn't stop the Rena from ending up on the Astrolabe reef.

And if you look, you see places humans can't go without some safety gear.

And if you look again, you can see the oil on the rocks. It makes me wonder if it's hidden in the sand.

It looks okay. But all the same, us locals are staying off the beach.


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19 responses to “Everything looks okay, but it’s not.”

  1. Ronni says :

    ­čśŽ How very sad. Oil spills are so tragic and long lasting. They are a big deal.

  2. susan says :

    My friends son went swimming there last week and came out covered in oil Ick!

    • Broot says :

      A fairly common occurrence at the moment. A few people who are highly sensitive to toxins came away from there covered in rashes. Just from playing in the sand.

  3. Karen V. says :

    The photos are beautiful but it’s so sad to know how man can spoil it in one careless instant. What a shame. ­čśŽ

  4. Rachel Cotterill says :

    That’s such a shame, it does look like an idyllic spot. Do you have any idea how long it will be before it’s okay again?

  5. Jessica@Team Rasler says :

    Awful. The amount of damage humans have done is just remarkable, isn’t it?

  6. Blond Duck says :

    That’s terrible!

  7. Lizbeth says :

    Oil takes soooo long to clear and I’m not sure it ever really does as it infiltrates everything. Sigh. Such a horrible thing to happen. Dislike.

  8. Mommie Daze says :

    So sad to see such a beautiful beach damaged by oil.

  9. eof737 says :

    What a shame as it does look like an amazing place. ­čśŽ

  10. Ginger says :

    That’s so sad. Sometimes our local beach gets closed after a big rain because too much junk gets washed into the water from the drainage. But an oil spill…that’s going to be a much longer lasting problem.

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