The Muppets movie – a review

WARNING:  Contains spoilers!!


Hubby and I took the children to see The Muppets on the January 7th weekend. I am a huge Muppet fan of the kind that watched Sesame Street longer than I should have just to see the Muppets.  Of the kind that can recite many Muppet Show skits.  Of the kind that knows both the original song, and the Muppet version. Seen all the movies. You get my drift.

I had hopes for his movie. Not high hopes, since it is a Disney movie, and since Frank Oz wanted nothing to do with it. But I did hope that it would be decent enough.  I suppose it was. But I was still both disappointed and elated by the movie.

My disappointments:

1.  Human “stars.”  The Muppets should have been the stars – humans are only supposed to have cameos. A lot of Muppet time was lost in the human storyline.  And seriously, what is with a human musical number at the beginning?

2. Same old same old storyline.  “We need to get the Muppets back together to save the [fillintheblank]!!”  And don’t tell me the writer’s weren’t aware of that – they made jokes about it right there in the script!!  Surely they could have come up with something better than rounding everybody up again. This, again, took up valuable screen time that could have been better used.

3.  So you get a excellent musician like Jack Black to cameo in the movie, a star who would have definitely been on the original Muppet Show as a Guest Star, and you don’t even give him a musical skit? Seriously?   You keep him tied up the whole time? Opportunity lost, folks. Big time.

4. The whole “Animal can’t play the drums” storyline was dumb. Opportunities lost here, too.

5. The Kermit/Piggy thing was confusing.  It took me most of the movie for me to figure out what the hell was going on there. I kept saying to Hubby “But they were already married in a past movie!!” It’s not until the end that it’s explained.

6. Fozzie Bear’s fart shoes.  People may disagree, but I felt these were not in-line with Fozzie’s usual schtick.

7. A lot of the YouTube Muppet videos feature Beaker, Animal and the Swedish Chef together.  I was hoping for some kind of storyline that referenced those videos.  Nope. Nada.

8. The ending. Talk about “Oh yikes, we ran out of time better finish this movie!” I kept thinking it would have been really interesting if they had lost the Theatre and they had to move on to something new. That would have been unexpected and a great way to “reinvent” the Muppets.

But it wasn’t all a disappointment.  Here’s what I liked:

1.  Bret McKenzie‘s music.  This was fantastic, and absolutely appropriate for the Muppets.  I liked the songs so much I’ve been singing them at home. The kids, too.

2. Walter.  When Walter’s talent was revealed I was impressed and quite happy about it.

3. Jim Parsons as Walter’s human counterpart. A pleasant surprise!

4. The telethon skits. There were not enough of these.  What was there, I liked.

5. Kermit’s Office. Why did we not go back there?

6. The Rainbow Connection.  Hubby & I both got a bit misty-eyed over that one.

7. Uncle Deadly.  I was thrilled to see him AND thrilled at his role.  At one point, I leaned over to my daughter and said “Don’t worry! He’s really a Muppet – you watch what happens!!” and I was not disappointed.

8. Muppets in 2D, not 3D.  Thank goodness they didn’t do this movie in 3D.

All in all, I’m not surprised Frank Oz wasn’t happy. I think he was right.  I did, however, enjoy watching the movie.  It just could have been so much more.

**All opinions are my own – nobody paid me or gave me anything complimentary to do this post.  (Can you tell?)


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3 responses to “The Muppets movie – a review”

  1. Dianna Graveman says :

    We saw the Muppet movie with our grown kids, and I too came away disappointed — but I couldn’t exactly explain why. You did it perfectly! Thanks! I’m actually forwarding a link to this review on to my kids and hubby now.

  2. Karen V says :

    I always liked watching the Muppets too but I do not come anywhere close to the degree you do! Thanks for the detailed review. Now, although you gave a spoilers alert, you’ve made references that peek my curiosity. I will see it eventually. Sounds like fun!

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