I lied.

I smiled at the checkout lady when it was finally my turn. Not her fault I was grumpy. I just wanted to be finished and go home.

But she took my smile as an invitation. “All this bread!” she exclaimed. “Just for one week?

I groaned inwardly.  In a split second, I debated explaining that I freeze my bread, and that no, it wasn’t all for one week.

Then my pissy mood took over. I wasn’t here to be judged.  I wanted to say “Just ring my purchases through, lady! I can buy 20 loaves of bread if I want to and you should smile and take my money!”

Instead, I told a half truth.  “Ha ha. I’ve got two boys.”

That usually makes checkout ladies smile and nod knowingly. Everybody knows boys eat you out of house and home.  No further explanation is needed.

Not for this checkout lady, though.  “Oh?” she said. “How old are they?”

Well, geez.  No way I was gonna tell her that one of my boys was really my husband. How stupid would that look?

So, I lied.

“Errr, one’s nine and the other’s a teenager.”  Teenagers eat a lot. Maybe she’d get the hint, finish my groceries and let me go home.


“Oh, what school do they go to?”

Arrrrgh!  I told her the local high school. And then she asked if I got them to cook for themselves, whether they had a job, whether their friends came over and ate all the food, if I had brothers and all about how she had 2 brothers and a sister.

When I finally got out of there, I wondered to myself whether the truth would have kept her silent.

Doubt it.

Maybe next time I’ll just keep my grumpy face on and not smile.


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7 responses to “I lied.”

  1. susan says :

    laughing out loud at that one…that’ll teach you! And a Playcentre mother and all:)….poor woman has probably just been on one of those super-duper customer service courses to learn how to interact with customers….
    next time I think you should say that you have an eating disorder and bread is your favourite binge food….:)

  2. Karen V says :

    Haha! Love this! I too, hate when the check out person comments on my purchases. You’re lucky you weren’t buying something more personal for them to comment on. How about Tums or mouthwash or frosting? What are they- the grocery police? Funny thing is that you will now have to avoid her or keep up the lie… And somehow this is your fault because she was nosy? Oh dear! ( you did give me a laugh!)

  3. Lizbeth says :

    Oh my, inquisitive wasn’t she?!? Thing is, they never ask about the feminine hygiene products now do they? 😉

  4. Jenn @ You know...that Blog? says :

    Well, THAT’ll teach you to be pleasant 😉

  5. eof737 says :

    I hear you and find that we all do that sometimes because explaining the facts are just not enough… Oh well! 😉

  6. Callie says :

    Oh my goodness. I started writing a comment to this and it turned into an epic novel. About facing checkout girls on a bad day, and also the pains of rocking up to the counter with enough cans of catfood to feed seven cats for a week (because I actually do have seven cats) … and a loaf or two of bread. It. Looks. So. Wrong.

    So rather than waffle on for several paragraphs, I’ll just have to cut/paste the ramble to a draft file on my blog and credit you with the inspiration when I post it! 😛

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