My guest star picks for a new Muppet Show

With all the excitement over the Muppet Movie, there’s been a positive upswing on Muppet interests. I’ve recently (FINALLY!) managed to get my hands on Seasons 2 and 3 of the Muppet Show, and in the midst of watching, Hubby wondered out loud why the Muppet Show was cancelled.

The Muppet Show

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Our Google search took us to the Muppet Wiki, which had, as an aside, things they were working towards. One of them was a new Muppet Show.  Assuming they are going to go back to their roots and not be silly with a Muppets Tonight flavour, I’m all for the idea (Good writers. It’s all about good writers!!).

So then I got to thinking… who would I like to see guest star on the new Muppet Show?

Here’s my top 10 list (in no particular order):

  • Robin Williams – so much possibility here. Good writers would have a field day. As long as they left room for the ad-lib for which Robin is infamous.
  • Penn and  Teller – Possibly a new Magician muppet? The Amazing Mumford in a guest star appearance? Or a new Muppet that calls “Bullsh*t” on things other Muppets do? Maybe they need to work with Lew Zeeland or Crazy Harry!!
  • Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement (Of Flight of the Conchords fame) – Bret, of course, wrote the music for the Muppet Movie but Bret and Jemaine have their own brand of comedy that would fit right in with the Muppets.  I could see Jemaine having a bonding session with Gonzo and the Muppets about being strange.
  • Reese Witherspoon – You just know Miss Piggy would not be impressed with Reese being on the show. Reese might steal the frog!!
  • Jack BlackI’ve mentioned this before. Jack would have a field day. He’s half Muppet himself.  Plus he looks like a dark-haired version of Paul Williams, who was given the title “Honorary Muppet.”  Surely Jack should be too.
  • Sofía Vergara – This would just be a lot of fun.
  • Hugh Laurie – Hugh is funny, he sings, and he plays several instruments.  Plus, Veterinarians Hospital could do with a touch of “House,” couldn’t it?
  • Betty White – I can see her counselling Miss Piggy on how to finally land Kermit, coaching Fozzie on his jokes, and encouraging Gonzo to try his next zany act.
  • Neil Patrick Harris – He’d probably be better than Kermit at hosting the show – maybe Neil’s evil alter ego needs to take over the Muppet Show? Or maybe he’s hosting a Muppet Awards Ceremony?
  • Colin Mochrie, Wayne Brady and Ryan Stiles (From Whose Line is it Anyway fame) in any combination.

If you’re a Muppets fan, who would your picks be, and why?


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4 responses to “My guest star picks for a new Muppet Show”

  1. Callie says :

    Awesome line up you have there! Robin Williams, Jack Black, Betty White, the guys from Whose Line Is It Anyway… I can’t think of anything that could add to that any better! Oh here’s one – not very original but, Johnny Depp? He’s crazy and alternative enough to be an awesome star cast addition I think.

    Have you ever seen the kids programme Yo Gabba Gabba? Jack Black was a guest on it once, you gotta find it on youtube…

    I loved the Muppet Show so so much as a kid. The series, not the movies. Always hated the movies. If they do decide to make a new series, I hope they don’t botch it!

  2. solodialogue says :

    I love your guest star line-up! I can see every one of them – you should be the producer! Who doesn’t love Betty White? But I can see Miss Piggy getting all jealous, cuz you know that Betty…

    Jack Black!! Total 1000 percent perfect fit! How about Simon Cowell? That could be funny. I would love it if the TV series made a comeback too.

  3. Jenny@PracticallyPerfect says :

    I absolutely love the idea of Hugh Laurie, ha ha!

  4. Amber says :

    I would love to see Betty White. She cracks me up.

    And John Krasinski. Just ’cause he’s nice to look at.

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