What do you do when you play?

I just finished reading Play: How it shapes the brain, Opens the imagination, and invigorates the soul.

I was attracted to it because at Playcentre, our philosophy is all about learning through play.  I thought maybe there would be some interesting tidbits in here that might help when we are trying to convince parents of the value of learning through play.  I was right.

Did you know that all animals play?

That children who are empowered to play without structure have better social skills, learning skills, and motor skills?

That children who have social difficulties, attention difficulties, and learning difficulties have been shown to improve when given the opportunity to participate in physical and social play with other children? (Sometimes requiring some strategies and role playing with adults before they give it a go.)

Did you know that adults can aquire a “play deficit?”  Adults who play on a regular basis are happier in general, and more creative and enthusiastic at work.

That adult relationships require an element of play, or they fizzle?

Some of this stuff I knew, and some was new information. Regardless, it helped me look at things in a new light.

Things like my relationship with hubby – and how his teasing and jokes are probably a significant part of why we are happy together.

Like why so many parents stick with Playcentre even though it can be a major pain in the ass – because we get to play, too, when we’re on session!!

And also, what constitutes play.  Before I read this book, I would not have considered this blog to be “play.” Now I recognise that “play” is the reason I’m not writing this blog to make money.  I like working with words. I like writing.  When I come here and write a blog post, I’m playing.

When I’m working on the Playcentre Journal, I’m playing, because I love manipulating words.

Other people might play through exercise, through gardening, through tinkering, through baking.

So how about you? How do you play?


**All comments and opinions my own. I received nothing for reviewing this book – I borrowed it from the library. 🙂


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2 responses to “What do you do when you play?”

  1. Susan Trodden says :

    i love that expression about how a child’s work is play. or is it a childs play is their work…
    anyway, i think you’re right, as adults it is easy to forget to be play-full.
    Writing for me, definitely. a mix of social and sole pursuits. Things that don’t involve helping/saving/coaching others (which is my work and I love it but need time out!).
    And yes, as a PC mother I still like playdough….

  2. Lizbeth says :

    And that is exactly why I try to turn off the TV and electronics and make the kids play. Funny, for as much as they moan and groan going without the i-things they love playing outside and just exploring.

    Me, personally, my view of play is going for a long run or bike ride. Love it!

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