I don’t drink coffee. But mocha hot cross buns are YUMMY!

I’m tempted to say ’nuff said, but I won’t. I’ll explain.

Baker’s Delight in New Zealand was kind enough to gift me three flavours of hot cross buns.  And I love hot cross buns, so I said yes, figuring I’d have them all to myself.  My kids hate hot cross buns, you see, and my Hubby can take or leave them.

Mocha, traditional, and chocolate chip hot cross buns from Baker's Delight

I picked them up myself from the closest Baker’s Delight (Mount Maunganui).  Such a yummy smelling store, and a great atmosphere, too.  The lady behind the counter was very friendly and cheerful, and the boys in the back were having a great time singing along to the radio while they worked, which was pleasant to listen to and put a smile on my face.

And even though the lady behind the counter knew I was receiving complimentary hot cross buns, she took great care to seal them up without crushing them, and even explained how to keep them from getting squished  in the bag until I got home.

I confess, it was so lovely in there I couldn’t resist buying a couple of mini pizzas for lunch, too!! (They were really yummy, too. Perfect for a quick lunch.)

But you wanna know about the hot cross buns, I know.

I had three flavours – traditional, chocolate chip, and mocha.

And like I said, I thought I’d have them all to myself.  But then, a friend of mine from Auckland told me she was coming for a visit, with her two girls.  Fantastic.

So, we gave all the children a choice.  My two children decided to try the chocolate.  My friend’s two girls decided to try the traditional.  And my friend and I tried the mocha.

The verdict?  YUMMY!!

I liked how they were nice and moist, with a good balance between raisins (traditional only) , chocolate chips, flavouring and the bun.

Since the lady at the store had taken such good care of them, they still looked fantastic.

My children have been converted to chocolate hot cross buns. I didn’t even get more than a bite of those ones because they were devoured.

And I’ve been converted to mocha hot cross buns.  I’ll definitely have to go back and get more.

Since you’ve made it this far, I have even more good news!! I have three $10 vouchers to give away.  They’re only good at New Zealand Baker’s Delight stores, though, so unfortunately you’ll have to live in New Zealand to enter.

Leave a comment telling me how much you love hot cross buns and you’ll be entered to win!!  I will draw three comments at random on the 1st of April for a winner!

** I was given 18 complimentary hot cross buns comprising three flavours from Baker’s Delight to do this post, but the words and opinions are my own.  Baker’s Delight has also given me the vouchers for the giveaway! Yay them!


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23 responses to “I don’t drink coffee. But mocha hot cross buns are YUMMY!”

  1. Lattejunkie says :

    Oh lucky lady!! We don’t have a Baker’s Delight in the Wellington region, otherwise I would love to try the mocha ones mmmm… 🙂

    (Don’t enter me)

  2. Michelle says :

    I love the Mount Maunganui Bakers Delight. I don’t think I’ve ever been to our own one at Mount Eden. I went to the supermarket just to get hot cross buns on the weekend, love them, glad they come out way before Easter!

  3. Robin says :

    Now I’m depressed. I miss hot cross buns, especially Bakers Delight ones – they used to be my standard breakfast in the lead up to Easter. I guess I just have to convince them to open stores in Washington!

  4. Lesley Mounsey says :

    Hot Cross buns are my Easter, i eagerly await their arrival in stores every year! I actually prefer them to easter eggs! unfortunantly so does my husband, and that means i always have to share, or remind him that I actually would love to eat them too! Please enter me!

  5. Thinky Think says :

    ooh ooh enter me! I love them toasted in the over, and spread with butter. Yum

  6. solodialogue says :

    I have never eaten a hot crossed bun. But they look delicious! I wished I was in New Zealand right now!

  7. eof737 says :

    Yummy! I’ll have a few… 😉

  8. Angie Hocken says :

    They sound great – Baker’s Delight is one of my favourite bakerys – food always great. Would love to try the mocha!!

  9. Amber says :

    Mmm…I’d like all the flavors but Mocha, since I don’t like coffee stuff.

  10. em be says :

    Well I made this a topic of discussion at dinner.

    Miss 7 said “I liked those ones the best, the cross tasted like vanilla and they were big”

    Miss 9 said “They are way better than the supermarket ones and squishy”

    Miss around 40 something said “The Mocha were amazing, I considered this my vegetable serving since chocolate comes from a bean. Mocha is my favorite beverage so the best choice for hot cross buns. Not wanting to be a gluttonous pig I only ate 2 instead of the whole 6 pack which I could have easily done. I hate fruit in my hot cross buns and this is the only ones I will ever eat again.”

    Thank you Bakers Delight and friends for sharing and taste testing some yummy treats

    • em be says :

      Well the little misses just informed me we should all get a voucher each so we can have our OWN bag of Hot cross buns and not have to share. For once I think I must agree with them (just don’t tell them I think they are right)

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