I hate judgemental mums

My Girl doesn’t walk from here to there.  She *boings*. Sometimes she skips, but most of the time, as I walk beside her, she *boings*.

She finds it extremely difficult (but not impossible) to sit still.  And she’s been dancing since she was strong enough to stand up unassisted.

When she was nearly 3, I went looking for a dance class for her that was just fun, moving to music, no expectations or strictness.  And I found a fantastic instructor. I enrolled My Girl right away, and she has been with this instructor ever since.  This instructor is one of the good ones – she makes sure the dancers are moving their bodies in a way that will not cause injury, while keeping it lighthearted and fun, and age appropriate.  None of that evil dance show here.

Fast forward a few years, and My Girl is now 6. She’s the youngest in the jazz dance class, and, as I said, she doesn’t walk, she *boings*.  She does listen to the instructor, but she can be a bit disruptive by talking about other things and pulling faces and jumping around while she’s waiting for her turn.  The other girls in the class are 7 and 8.

On Tuesday I sat in on the class, and there was another Mum sitting nearby.  About half way through the class, she turned to me and said “My goodness, your daughter’s ears are painted on, aren’t they?”

I started by laughing it off. After all, I am aware that My Girl *boings*. “Ha ha, yeah.”

“How old is she?”

“Just turned six.”

The Mum pulled a face. “Well, I don’t believe in putting children into activities where they have to listen to instructions until they’re 8.”  This, said in the most condescending tone ever.

I still tried to laugh it off. “Oh, well, Miss 6 has been dancing here since she was about 3. She loves it and I think it’s been good for her.”

“Three? Are you one of *those* mums that forces their children into activities too early?”

By now, I’m starting to lose my patience.

“Have you seen the littlies classes?  It’s just a bit of fun – running around with fairy wings on, playing with scarves and ribbons, and jumping. Nothing serious.  Just moving to the music.”

I got another *look* from the Mum.

“Well, I think you can do that kind of thing at home.”

By this point, I’d had enough and decided I was done being polite and entertaining her need to be better than me, and I stopped talking to her. But she continued to lecture me for a few more minutes on why my daughter shouldn’t be in the class.

And then promptly told the instructor at the end of the class (pointedly looking at me) that her daughter would likely not be continuing in the next term.

It was quite satisfying to breeze by a few minutes later and tell the instructor that we would happily pay next term’s fees right away.

It’s not that I’m cross with the Mum for having an opinion that’s different from mine.  I’m cross because she shared it with me!! It was beyond rude, judgemental, and inappropriate.

Thank goodness My Girl didn’t hear a word of it.

Now, if I could just let my indignation and anger go… we’d be set.


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6 responses to “I hate judgemental mums”

  1. Michelle says :

    Wow! She sounds like a crazy lady. I feel sorry for her daughter.

  2. Gwenael from My Little Green Thumb says :

    I am so sorry that you had to deal with that. Some people just have no idea what effect their words have. Chin up and keep her dancing! It’s not only great exercise, but a great opportunity to LEARN how to follow directions and pay attention in a group setting.

  3. Lizbeth says :

    Ohhhhh I was getting angry right there with you. I think you got the last laugh as she won’t be joining you!!! My daughter took classes like that and LOVED them. She now does Irish Dance and often hop-two-three’s around the house. Reminds me of your little one’s boings. 🙂

  4. susanft says :

    pity the next class that has her duaghter in it. perhaps you should have pointed out that not only should they not put their chiildren less than 8 years old into such activies, they should stay away from them as well as clearly they aren’t able to sit and listen either.

  5. Doe says :

    As Cade would say, “How wude!”

  6. Jenny@PracticallyPerfect says :

    I can’t believe she said that! I’m not sure that I would have been able to hold my tongue.

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