Everybody should work retail at some time in their life.

Five reasons why I believe everyone should work in retail for at least 6 months:

5) You can learn how to “count up” change. (“You gave me $10, and the item was $6.50.  50 cents makes $7 and $3 makes $10.)

4) You can learn how to roll your eyes at customer’s stupid questions without them noticing. “Um, I want a book.  It had a blue cover, and it was on Oprah.”

3) You can practice your diplomacy skills. Not just on your customers, but on your co-workers, too. “Yes, being a manager would be a great position.”

2) You can learn how not to be that idiot customer when you’re on the other side of the counter.  “Yeah, hi, I’m looking for a book that has to be special ordered… I’ve brought the name, author, publisher and ISBN information for you. And yeah, I know it could take 4-6 weeks, and I’m prepared to pay for it now.”

1) You learn the importance of having first aid. So that when a customer walks in and says “I feel funny. Do you have a place where I can sit down?” And you take them to a chair, and then they suddenly have a seizure, you know what to do.  Instead of, say, running around the food court of the mall yelling for somebody who has first aid while your colleague calls 911.




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13 responses to “Everybody should work retail at some time in their life.”

  1. Lattejunkie says :

    Oh I did a year in the food department of our local department store – it taught me so much. Especially how to smile nicely at the rudest of people and how to work with much older people who look down on you because you’re just there to earn uni money not because it’s your life’s goal…

  2. susanft says :

    absolutely. it teaches one how to bite the tongue until it bleeds….

  3. Andrew Maxwell says :

    Just based on this post alone, you could make a whole seperate blog on the subject. Then call it the “Retail Chronicles”.

  4. Kat says :

    That 6 months needs to be over christmas to fully benefit from the lesson of the over worked, under paid cashier on the other side of the counter.
    This will also mean a higher standard of customer service for the younger generation that currently thinks we should just be happy they showed up to work. We’ve all been there, it doesn’t take much to smile, nod and make a non-committal noises and fain interest in the customer.

  5. whisperingwriter says :

    I agree. I’m awful with change at the moment.

  6. solodialogue says :

    If I worked retail, I would end up owing the store… Yeah, shhhh – I have a little shopping problem. 😉

  7. eof737 says :

    I did when I was in college and loved it… But all that standing around can get difficult, so breaks are necessary… Loving the merchandise helps. 😉

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