Ramblings about music

I’ve been transferring all my CDs and DVDs of photos from disc onto an external hard drive as another back up. The children and I have thoroughly enjoyed looking at the videos and photos from when they were younger. How could we have forgotten the chubby cheeks and the lisps and the innocence?

I think my favourite lost treasure was a video of my daughter’s third birthday, where my mother said “Now, some of these presents are for Christmas, and some of them are for your birthday.” And my daughter said (with her baby lisp), “Dese are all MY pwesents!”

I found something else as well. Several videos and photos of my father playing his trombone. As I looked and listened, it occurred to me that I never heard my father complain about his gigs. He complained often and fluently about his day job, but the worst I ever heard about the gigs was when one of his fellow bandmembers was off pitch. And even then, the complaint was good-natured.

It’s telling, too, that since his retirement from the day job, he hasn’t stopped the gigs. Perhaps his complaints about the day job were more about not being able to play his music?

Maybe that’s why music is also so important to me – why I need music to reflect my moods, and why I use music to teach and learn.

And why my children, as well, have a good relationship with music – my daughter loves to dance, and while my son won’t admit it, he loves to sing. My son, especially, has an excellent ear for music – he can hear where the music needs to go. I’ve caught him singing or humming the next note or chord to any piece of music he hears. Even when he’s never heard it before.

Our memories, our photos, and our videos are all full of music. It’s clearly very important to our mental well-being.

As I speak, my daughter has turned off the TV and put in a CD of my father’s music, so that she can dance. No more chubby cheeks, lisp all gone, and yet, if I took a video of her now, I could match it up to one of several from other years.

Update: As I was writing, she demanded that I do just that, and video her latest dance.


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4 responses to “Ramblings about music”

  1. jdaniel4smom says :

    It sounds like you have a had a great time reviewing memories. JDaniel wouldn’t want to wait to open some of the presents either.

  2. solodialogue says :

    Music is very powerfully connected to memories and emotions. I think just about every song I hear, I will associate with some event or time in my life. I think it’s wonderful that both through music and photos you are able to transport yourself in time to another place. Beautiful.

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