Recording ideas while driving

As I mentioned in my last post, I do a lot of driving. It’s the best place to think, for me.

I often come up with great ideas for a blog post. I even write it all out in my head.

You never get to read them.

By the time I sit down to my computer to write it all out, one of two things have happened.

First, I’ve forgotten the idea or what I was going to write about the idea.


Second, I wrote it all out so well in my head I no longer need to type it out.

Not helpful for my readers, I know.

So I tried keeping a voice recorder in the car. (The one on my phone is poor and here in NZ it’s illegal to be using your mobile phone while you’re driving, anyways.)  I kept either forgetting to have it close by, or it was too dangerous to turn it on.

Can’t write things down while you’re driving, either.

Any other suggestions for me, so I can keep writing out my random thoughts for you, my reader?


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6 responses to “Recording ideas while driving”

  1. Mitkwi says :

    I can relate. I spend two hours a day commuting to and from work, and it is always the best time to flesh out ideas. I keep a digital recorder in the car and turn it on as soon as I get in. I let it run for the full trip to or from work. It has a little over an hour of recording time (it’s and old model), but it works. I probably look like a freak talking to myself, but it’s worth it. Otherwise, I’d forget whatever I came up with. I make it a point to bring it in and transfer the voice file over to my desktop, and when its done, I immediately put the recorder in my backpack (which also holds my laptop for work, and I’ll never be forgetting that!).

  2. Belle Delos Reyes says :

    Heavy traffic in our city allows me to type keywords on my mobile phone. Though the recorder seems like a very good idea.

  3. Lizbeth says :

    I do the same thing!!! I have this really great idea that makes me snort and laugh in the car or when I’m jogging and when I get home it’s gone “POOF!” The only thing that happens is that I look ridiculous when I’m laughing and giggling in the car or jogging trail all by myself…..

  4. whisperingwriter says :

    The same thing happens to me. I usually always try to carry a pen with me and I write the idea on my palm.

  5. solodialogue says :

    I like the recorder idea too! In the rare instance where I do have a good idea for a post, I forget it as soon as I’m home!

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