Those gut feelings always seem to be right.

I thought I’d be posting with the exciting news that we were moving.

Apparently the Universe didn’t get the memo.

We wanted the adventure and the opportunities from a new job offer in another country.

But during the interview process Hubby’s gut started ringing alarm bells, and, as usual, those gut feelings turned out to be right.

Here’s why it didn’t happen (prospective employers take note!!)

1) The prospective employer wanted us to travel to the other country for a face to face interview and pay all expenses ourselves, thereby asking us to take on all the risk. This is completely opposite to our experience with any other company.  First alarm bell.  Second alarm bells came during the interview itself (on Skype, eventually), but I’m not going to detail that here.

2) An employer that is willing to recruit from another country has either not been able to find a suitable candidate in their home country OR the out-of-country candidate was heads and shoulders above the other candidates, and therefore the employee is calling the shots, not the employer. And yet, this employer (through the recruiter) kept ignoring our requests and making unreasonable demands. Third alarm bell.

3)The prospective employer low-balled their first offer and then came back with a reasonable offer when we counter-offered.  Then tried to tell us they were being “reasonable and coming to the party.”  See point number two.

4) The prospective employer first did not want to send us a written contract until we arrived in the other country. When we balked and said we wouldn’t do that, they finally sent the contract a week later, with hubby’s name misspelled. We took two days to go over the contract and then respond.  Apparently we “took too long” and it was our fault we could no longer start when they wanted us there. Fourth alarm bell.

5)  We asked for a 6-8 week start date from signing the contract.  Even though the employer knew we were moving from one country to another and would have to sell our house etc etc etc the employer insisted on a 4 week start date.  So, leave work on Friday and start in a new country on Monday?  Unreasonable.  When we said we could do that if the employer helped us relocate, we were turned down.

An employer who will not allow an employee time to settle his family into a brand new city is not setting a good precedent and does that mean that if something happens and he needs some time off work for whatever reason they will be unreasonable with that too? Fifth alarm bell!!

At any rate, the alarm bells were ringing much too loudly, and we said no before we signed the contract.

Under Box #2 there was nothing, and I’m left with my comfortable shoes. And that’s okay.


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4 responses to “Those gut feelings always seem to be right.”

  1. Doe says :

    Sad that you didn’t get the adventure you were hoping for, but thrilled that you dodged that creepy-sounding bullet!!

  2. Lattejunkie says :

    So sorry that your adventure didn’t come to fruition but thank goodness for those gut feelings and alarm bells xxx A new opportunity will arise soon and you will be so blessed!

  3. Jenny@PracticallyPerfect says :

    Those aren’t alarm bells – those are alarm SIRENS! Good gracious – I think it’s incredibly smart of you guys to have turned them down!

  4. misssrobin says :

    I’m so glad you listened to your guts. It sounds like you made a wise decision. Best wishes with the comfortable shoes. They look great on you, by the way.

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