What would you do?

Okay, so, perspective please …

The local Art Gallery invited my children’s school to visit. They paid for the buses and only asked for a $1 donation per child. They do this once a term.

Last time the children went, Hubby went along as parent help. He was shocked that some of the artwork was presented to the children (5-9 year olds) as “And this one’s about the artists anger about how all white people are racists.” Not the exact words, mind you. Hubby can’t remember exactly what the curator said, only what was implied.

This time, The Boy’s class went (7-9 year olds). The front entrance had a painting with a man projectile vomiting, another with a man, his privates in full view, urinating, and a woman playing with her fully erect chest area. (words changed to try to prevent certain spammings)

In the exhibition the children went to, there were cardboard cut outs of people, one of whom was picking his nose and pulling out visible boogers, and another one with birds pooping out of his butt while he gave the audience the finger. The curator specifically pointed out this piece and talked about it, drawing it to the children’s attention.

Now, The Boy didn’t seem to notice the paintings at the entrance (or if he did, he’s saying nothing.) However, the class was asked
to do an artwork based on what they saw. My Boy’s art faithfully reproduces the picking nose, boogers, and flipping the

How comfortable would you be with this? And what would you do?


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10 responses to “What would you do?”

  1. Lattejunkie says :

    I would be very upset! I would be referring it to the Board of Trustees.

    It may be art but there is a difference between naked angels or women/men in the classical sense (Reubins etc) and in a “in your face” artistic ploy for attention.

  2. thriftygifty says :

    Sounds like the exhibition had adult themes that weren’t appropriate for the age group, do they really expect young boys to get the ‘message’ ( or so called) behind this type of art? From the sounds of it they just took away the images of what they saw which I can’t see any parents want reproduced to hang on their walls….

  3. Michelle says :

    I don’t think it’s appropriate for that age group. I would be making a complaint to the school if parents/caregivers weren’t told about the art the kids would be seeing in the permission slip.

  4. solodialogue says :

    I don’t think it was age appropriate either but if they had disclosed the type of art ahead of time in the permission slip, would you have allowed him to attend?

    I think it’s a difficult question because of all the nonsense I see just in a quick 30 second advertisement on FOX here in the US. All of that and worse can be seen in changing TV channels! I try to keep the TV off all stations but children’s programming because of it. I wouldn’t also, want to have my child be the only one who doesn’t participate in this particular trip and have him feel left out or awkward among his friends that then talk about the boogers promotion afterward.

    I think the important part is to give you full disclosure about what will be seen and give you as the parent the choice to opt in or out and if you can – check the website for the “collections” on display.

  5. D.c. Will says :

    If the museum invited a class of youngsters, they SHOULD have invited them to an age-appropriate setting!!
    That being said, should the school not have done a little research as well?

  6. Jenn @ You know...that Blog? says :

    Totally inappropriate for the age group – what are they thinking? Just because it’s in an art gallery doesn’t necessarily make it art. Putting a pornographic picture (or displaying someone picking their nose, etc.) in a frame and slapping it up on a wall doesn’t make it artistic either. I’d be having words with both the school and the gallery, and I sure wouldn’t be sending my kids back there. Grr.

  7. Bright Side of Life says :

    Good grief, very inappropriate for the age group! I saw you over at Lizbeth’s… you mentioned NZ, so I had to come and visit!!! 🙂

  8. Callie says :

    Wow that is so incredibly inappropriate! I’m fairly liberal, but there’s no way I’d agree to that for my kids – how irresponsible of the gallery to invite young kids to see that, and the school to not check it out! Wow :/

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