Keeping children’s schoolwork and art


boxes (Photo credit: ejhogbin)

Could you fit your life into 10 boxes or less?

I’m trying.

It’s interesting to recall what I thought were so important the last time I moved overseas, and notice that those things aren’t coming with me for the most part this time around.

The number of things I consider my extra special treasures are diminishing.

And it makes me question why we keep some things.

My mother recently sent me a parcel that contained a lot of my school work and report cards from elementary school.  I read them and was amused, but for the most part, I neither remembered much about them nor felt that the re-addition of them into my life added value.

So then why am I keeping my children’s art and schoolwork?  Is it because I will want to look at it years from now? Is it because I want to give them back to my children eventually?  Will the reintroduction of the work add value to our lives many years later?

Or will I feel better if they’re all gone and forgotten?  It will definitely be one less box to transport and pay for!


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4 responses to “Keeping children’s schoolwork and art”

  1. embejo says :

    Having moved recently, I asked myself the same questions. In the end I kept a very few particularly special pieces of art or creative writing, but took photos of the rest and threw the originals away.

  2. susanf says :

    yes I take photos and discreetly discard all but the very special bits. the children have photo albums dedicated to their artwork and love to flip through them.

  3. Aleta says :

    I have a book of poetry that I wrote at a young age for a school project. I kept that. I have a scrapbook from high school, kept that as well. Not too much more though. My Dad scanned in all of the old pictures, which is nice, because we can share pictures without adding to any photo albums and closet space 🙂

  4. Callie says :

    Eek goodluck! The most precious of my little ones artwork are on the wall or in a clearfile folder or, because I’m so disorganised, stuffed in a bottom drawer, waiting to go in a folder! There are loads more kindy paintings and whatnot that are kind of jumbled in their wardrobe, waiting for me to do something with them… I keep the ones that have a story behind them – something particularly memoriable about their creation that makes them something to treasure outside of the initial paintstrokes and squiggles on paper. The ‘map’ she made in kindy that tells us to take a left at a certain spot to avoid the T-rex. We took that to the local reserve one day. The face with a dozen smiling mouths, so her little person could be SUPER happy. Ones like that. Then I write their stories on the back or along the bottom, so we won’t forget why they were special. 🙂

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