pbt pbt pbt pbt – Is this thing on?

Stuff happens. You move around the world, get depressed, get very sick with anemia, and things like blogs get lost.

But then a doctor actually listens, and catches you before you need a blood transfusion.

Amazing how having enough hobgoblins (hemoglobin) in your blood actually makes you less depressed, too.

Also means that you can walk across a field or up a flight of stairs without being air hungry.  (All that time I thought I was just out of shape and fat.)

Then the doctor figures out what’s wrong with you and has stuff that actually stops the problem.  Amazing thing, that.

So then you feel so much better you run out and get yourself a job.  A real one.  Not a volunteer/part-time-thats-really-full-time not paid very well one, but a real one.

In the meantime, the blog is still lost.

Not that anyone is still here reading, anyhoo.

But, ya know, stuff happens.  And things get found again.  So here I am.


About Broot

Thoughts about learning and life that are lost in a sea of blogs.

4 responses to “pbt pbt pbt pbt – Is this thing on?”

  1. DC Will says :

    Yay for hobgoblins!

  2. LatteJunkie (@LatteJunkieNZ) says :

    Yay! You’re alive and the hobgoblins are doing their job!

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