Touch the people staying in the house with you – carefully, cleanly, and appropriately

If you have elderly, special needs, children, friends or a life partner in the same living space as you while you #stayhome:

Please remember that humans *need* safe and appropriate touch to thrive.

I know you’re worried about getting sick.

You can take precautions if you need to. Remember, hands are not necessary for safe/appropriate touching, and skin on skin contact is best. Maybe everybody washes their hands first, maybe you find other ways to interact (back to back? Side cuddles (shoulder to shoulder)? Footsies? Head rub? Back rubs?), or maybe everybody has a shower or bath before having a cuddle.

The “social distancing” is meant for the people outside your household.

The only time you need to be super careful about touching is when you or another child/person is sick and in the house with you. I’m pretty sure 14 days without touch is not long enough to do significant damage to an adult. When the quarantine is done, though, find a safe way to touch! For infants and young children, please find a safe way to give them some touch, even if they are sick. Hugs and skin on skin is probably not the idea, but there will be a way.

Children’s and infants’ brains need touch to develop properly.
Adults need touch to keep them mentally healthy.
Your life partner and you maintain the hormonal bond though touch.

I worry about those who live on their own without a pet for this, too. (Those with a pet can get the needed touching through them.) I’m not sure what the answer is for that. If that is you, I give you mental hugs!! Maybe consider whether pet adoption is for you when that is again possible.

Kia Kaha (Be Strong) everybody. Wash your hands, Keep your hands off your face, and stay home. (And touch the people in the house with you. Carefully, cleanly, and appropriately)

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