Do your views align with your chosen political party?

Have you taken the test on Political Compass lately? As you learn and as the world changes around you, your politics may change as well. I had a tour through today and it was very interesting to check the compass for the Canadian and New Zealand elections through the years (They’ve got elections back to 2008 for NZ and 2005 for Canada). It shows how the political parties have moved around the compass through the years.

You may be interested to note that Trudeau’s liberals are not anywhere close to the communist left side, despite claims from the convoy. Both the liberals and the conservatives are deep into the authoritarian right quadrant as of the 2020 Canadian federal election.

It is my theory that if people took the Political Compass test, they may find out their chosen party isn’t even close to where they fall on the graph.

So that’s my challenge for you today. Take the political compass test, especially if you never have before. If the results surprise you, maybe it’s time to take an in-depth look at the party you think speaks for you. Maybe it’s not the right party for you, after all.
Political Compass

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