What do you want to know?

I lived in New Zealand for nearly 10 years. Now I’m back in Canada, on the opposite coast from where I started. I love chocolate. I live with the people I love the most. I love to sing. My day is spent problem solving issues that make data not flow from one place to another. My graphemes are coloured, and I like them that way.

I like to write about things that amuse me and bemuse me, about things I’ve learned and things I want to know more about. Topics can range from here to there, but one thing is constant… my ideas get “lost in a sea of blogs” and I write about them because I “crave a little perspective.”

This is my 3rd Blog. My first 2 were about my children and my family. I took them down and deleted them after first saving everything I had written. I have chosen to be a bit more anonymous this time, and protect my children’s privacy. My family will get mentions here or there, though! 🙂

Posts will be entirely random.

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