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DDOS attacks suck the big one.

Last Thursday WordPress had a DDOS attack. Denial of Service. Some twits from all over the globe overloaded the WordPress servers apparently because they didn’t like some dude’s political post. They suck.

They suck because they knocked WordPress out for a few hours. They suck because one of them used an IP address that was in the same family as my IP address.  They suck because that meant that my IP address was banned from WordPress until today.

That’s right. Since last Thursday I have not been able to access ANY WordPress site. Not one. Not Failblog, not TechCrunch, not any of my friend’s wordpress blogs, not even Freshly Pressed.

I complained of course. It did me no good at all. Not even when I mentioned that I picked WordPress over Blogger to avoid just such a thing.

I was told to get my ISP to change my IP address. It wasn’t worth sitting on hold for that long trying to explain to someone at my ISP why I needed a new IP.  Last time I asked them to reset my password they reset something else entirely.


At any rate, thank you to those of you who emailed to ask if I was okay and for those of you who commented on my posts anyway. I appreciate it. 

Hopefully now I can get back to blogging, without interruption!!

Yep, I’m a no-reply blogger. Here’s why!

Time and time again as I roam the blogosphere I come across posts that talk about No-Reply Bloggers as if they are the vilest things that exist online.

Apparently it is extremely horrible that instead of using your email to connect to someone, you have to click to their site and leave a comment there instead. Horrors!!

Now, I’ve read these posts about No-Reply Bloggers and how to fix it. Those instructions work great for people using Blogger.  But you know what?  Not everybody uses Blogger.

So why am I an (evil) No-Reply Blogger?  Because I use WordPress.  Yes, you know, that other excellent blogging platform.  WordPress does not have a little “show email when replying” option. No, it doesn’t. WordPress users are NOT being rude and evil on purpose. We are not the blogosphere “scum” you think we are. We just don’t have that option.

Apparently the other fix for the “No-Reply Blogger” is to sign in with your gmail.com address.  Not everybody has a gmail address, either. I do, but that’s beside the point.

Do you know what *I* don’t like about the gmail option?  The link to my blog doesn’t show up in the email you get.  You have to click my name to go to my Blogger account, and THEN you can click through to my blog. And I’m not allowed to add my Wordpress Blog to my Blogger account, either.  So, two clicks to accomplish what Open ID does in one click. And hey look! My email address is visible right on this page! You can email me after you’ve visited my blog. How fantastic is that?

I much prefer the Open ID option that takes you straight to my blog. I prefer you comment straight on my blog instead of emailing your comment. But hey, the option is there to email me.

Does that make me evil?  Well then I guess I’d better start practicing my evil laugh.