New to working from home?

Tips for working at home for those of you new to it.

1) Get up at your usual time, and get ready for work the way you normally do, including getting dressed. You don’t have to be in business casual or whatever, but being dressed puts your brain in the right mindset.

2) Keep your routine. Make sure you take your normal breaks and come back to your computer on time. Use timers if you have to.

3) Make sure you look up from your computer at least once an hour and even take a short walk. You do this without realizing it at work when you go to meetings, go to get coffee or whatever. Your body needs it. Don’t sit and stay there.

4) Have a dedicated working space, and make it as ergonomic as possible. Tendonitis, sore backs, and stiff necks aren’t fun. Your company may allow you to order some equipment to make this possible. Sitting on the couch may seem comfortable for the first bit, but I promise you’ll get sore fast.

5) Stay on task. It’s tempting to slack off because no one is watching you. Honestly, though, people will notice if your output goes down, or you don’t answer your messages/calls/email in a timely manner.

6) Find a way to have a “Chat around the water cooler” with your workmates. You still need a bit of social time, and you still get breaks.

7) Walk to and/or from work – meaning, before the start of your day, or at the end of it, get up, put your coat on and take a walk around the block, into the forest if you can … or whatever form of movement makes you happy.

8) As best you can, keep the various ‘zones’ in your home distinct.
While it might sound like a good idea to use your bedroom to escape from the rest of your family or distractions, it also confuses the mind and can lead to sleeping problems. Keep it so that your bedroom is the place where you sleep so that when you walk into the room your mind and body can maintain the established routine.

I’m sure my fellow work-from-home peeps have more ideas – feel free to comment below.

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