Ask yourself why they’re telling you the story.

“It is hard to define how, against, whom, about what, and how long we should be angry, and up to what point someone is acting correctly or in error.” – Aristotle

And that’s what mis- and dis- information does. Makes you question exactly what is correct and what is not. It makes you doubt your own sense of self.

As my friend MM said,

“When someone tells you something, ask yourself what the underlying message is, and why they are telling it to you.

Does what they are telling you seem likely to be true?

What kind of things do they want you to think about what kind of people as a result of them telling you this??

What is their reason for sharing the story?”

Why do they want you to be angry or afraid? Who will benefit from you being angry or afraid?

How, instead, can you directly help, inspire, improve your surroundings, lift someone up?

Forget the stories, especially the ones where you cannot verify the source or the truth. Be a kind human.

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